The University of Bath created Target Bath to increase the number of black British students studying at the university.

The Target Bath program is free and helps Black UK students ages 12 and 13 get assistance applying to study at the University of Bath, Somerset.

Program participants will receive personal assistance from the Rare team as they select the course of study, prepare for their UCAS application, and provide their personal statement.

The University of Bath, Somerset, which is funding the program, gives Target Bath students access to role models in the form of current UK black students studying at the UK’s top 10 university.

Participants will also benefit from Bath’s experience of offering internships and internships, and students participating in the program will be selected in part based on their interest in incorporating internships into their study experience.

Professor Ian White, Vice Chancellor and President of the University of Bath said: “I am delighted that we are launching the Target Bath program in partnership with Rare.

“This important initiative will increase the representation of black UK students and attendance at one of the best universities in the UK, but also help talented students from an under-represented group to reach their potential.

“I look forward to seeing the first students take part in the program and finally to welcoming the first cohort to study with us in Bath.”

Target Bath students are also offered a place on Discover Bath, the university’s free summer housing program, either in person if Covid-19 restrictions allow, or online.

The program is launched online and offers students webinars and online group mentoring sessions. Students can also join an online community of Target Bath students to share their interests, questions, and thoughts about the university.


When Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed in the summer, Target Bath students will attend a visit to the University of Bath to meet in person with their mentors and explore the campus and city. All travel expenses are paid.

Naomi Kellman, Rares Senior Manager for Schools and Universities, said, “I am very excited to be working with the University of Bath to bring Target Bath to market. Rare has been working since 2012 to improve the representation of black British students in the UK’s best universities.

“It’s great to be able to build on that work and have the opportunity to showcase all that Bath has to offer to the students we work with.

“I hope that the number of black British students studying at the University of Bath will increase in the years to come.”

To be eligible for the program, students must be 12 years old and have a Black African, Black Caribbean, or other Black heritage (including multiracial students).

Students have achieved 5 or more GCSEs in grades 9, 8, 7 or 6 and can study academically in Bath in their chosen subject.

Priority will be given to students who meet the University of Bath’s extended eligibility criteria, e.g. B. a home address in an area with little progress in higher education or a high degree of disadvantage.

Students, teachers and parents can learn more about Target Bath here.

Applications are possible until Sunday, February 24th.


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