How much do you know about Cape Verde? What about Colombia, Bangladesh or Montenegro?

Since 2017, the Learning Network has been publishing a five-question country of the week quiz based on New York Times travel reporting, reporting and photojournalism to improve students’ geographic skills.

During the school year we publish a new quiz every Monday morning and this month we released our 100th. To mark the milestone, we’ve organized all of the quizzes we’ve published so far by continent below. But we are far from finished; For example, look for our Egypt quiz next week and Greece the week after.

This is how the tests work: First, we ask the students to find the country on a map. The rest of the quiz unfolds as you explore the geography, culture, politics, economy, and history of the country. When students choose an answer, they unlock additional background that includes a photo or video as well as relevant context from the Times coverage. At the end of each quiz, there are additional links to related Times articles if students are interested in learning more.

English teachers have told us that they are using the quiz to track global literature they read in class, about countries like Cuba and Germany. World history and ELL teachers have told us that their students eagerly await new quizzes every week. A teacher emailed us:

The class still loves your country of the week quizzes … helping students learn a lot from each other and making sure those who are homesick feel much more part of the curriculum.

While we think of students as we write the questions, we still hear from adults who enjoy taking these short tests too – and even turning them into informal competitions between friends.

We hope this quiz index will make it easier for teachers and students to find the countries they are most interested in.

How did you use our Country of the Week quizzes? Do you have inquiries for countries that we have not yet covered? Let us know in the comments or at


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