Teaching kindergarten is my jam. It’s something I absolutely love and find it has become second nature to me. Those closest to me always joke that I love it so much because I am a 28 year old kid at heart. I still play video games every night, I have the same taste in food as the kids in my class, and I can’t help but laugh at a cheesy joke. The commitment of the students has always been a matter of course for me – at least until mid-March 2020 when I heard the words “Mr. Steen, this is boring. “

I remember how I sat a provisionally Working area in my kitchen think: “ANDYou know what? You’re right. These is boring. How can I make virtual learning exciting and entertaining?? ” At ThRight now I landed on funny videos: Secret Agent Steen, Steen the Pirate or Steen the builder. If you can remember, I probably did. The students loved her, but when the year ended I fast realized that I would need totLimp out of the box when I was Going to keep students busy during virtual life Meetings for a whole school year.

The calendar time has made a leap into the future – no Easier to talk about calendar functions or how to find the right date on a calendar. If you walk past my classroom at 7:35 a.m. on any given weekday, you will hear me and 20th Virtual students turning off our days of the week and coloring in songs or warming up with a morning dance Video. Students can give the daily weather report from home by taking their computer to the next window and describe what you see. You may Catch us with the new one Google hits Breakout Room Feature to come in small groups and discuss how we feel at the beginning of the day.

Our math block looks a little different this year also. One thing that‘s worked out of the ordinary good in a virtual environment finds an opportunity to get students move productively instead of just sitting behind your computer screen. Every day I give 5-10 minutes to improve my sense of numbers and language skills practicese. One activity My students especially love that Subdivision with dominoes and body movements. Ill Show my students a number between 0 and 10 and we’ll talk about how we see that Set followed by so many exercises. It is seasy, and my kids love it. Plus, It’s a great way to solve the problems for the kids and me.

Bringing virtual learning to touch is a top priority. A team member gave me the idea to do one Toolkit for every student and the lEarners Toolkits were the best Investment that I made as a virtual teacher. These kits include a outNumber of objects based on grade level. M.and Toolkits contain materials that I will use throughout the group class at different points throughout the year. These are great too while School party time where you can do fun activities like “paint a pUmpkin “or”cReate your own slime. ”

I urge you to try new things. Take this opportunity to sGo outside your comfort zone, work with others and make this a memorable year.

Zachary Steen

Preschool teacher

Apple Glen Elementary

Bentonville, AR


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