Burger King is a popular favorite among students, so we hacked the menu to show you how to get free and heavily discounted food.

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Even the die-hard McDonald’s food fan would admit that Burger King is a worthy rival. But sometimes the price can be a bit daunting … until now.

Five or six pounds for a meal can seem pretty expensive, but what if we told you you could get those? exactly the same item for much less? Interesting.

We’ve gone into the depths of the Burger King menu, giving you the best ways to save on Double Cheeseburgers, Whoppers, Chicken Royales and more. Ready to Save Big Bucks on Burger King Sandwiches, Drinks, and More? Let’s go!

  • Free Burger King Whoppers and other burgers

    Burger King burger on tray with fries

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    Treat yourself to free food at Burger King!

    On the back of your receipts, there is a link to a survey that should only take a few minutes to complete. Take this survey and you’ll be given a code to write on the receipt to get your free burger (similar to how you can do it for an unlimited £ 1.99 Big Mac and Fries at McDonald’s).

    If you don’t have a receipt lying around you can get one out of the restaurant or buy the cheapest on the menu (small fries or a coffee for 99 pence) – you’ll still save money.

    You can then request your free burger (Whopper, Veggie Bean Burger or Chicken Royale). if you buy fries and a drink regularly.

    These two items together should cost £ 3.18 * so that’s the price of your full meal! Remember, you must complete the survey within 30 days of the date on your old receipt so you don’t have to hunt for an old one in your room.

  • £ 1.49 Double cheeseburger

    Granted, Burger King is one of the more expensive chains.

    However, if you check out the King Saver menu, you can get real bargains. For example, on this menu you can find the famous Double Cheeseburger which only gives you £ 1.49 back – a big bargain.

    And as a bonus hack … if you add in bacon (that’s an extra 40p – 50p) you can make a bacon double cheeseburger for under £ 2. Usually this will reset you to the regular menu so that’s better than half the price!

  • Get more Burger King for less money

    Burger King paper bag

    Image Credit: darksoul72 – Shutterstock

    If you’re interested in a chicken royale (aren’t we all?) You know how painful it is when you’re finally asked to pay. It’s just not profitable on a student budget. The good news is we found a way to take that weight off of you.

    Try ordering two chicken sandwiches from the King Saver menu instead of a chicken royale.

    Each chicken sandwich costs 99 pence and will likely give you a bigger filling. Okay, we’ll admit they aren’t exactly the same, but if you’re in the mood for breaded chicken between two slices of bread (sounds delicious, doesn’t it?), We can’t recommend this trick enough!

  • Chop the Burger King Jr menu

    Would you like more food for less money? Yes, we know it sounds like a trick, but we’re 100% serious. For example, if you want to order a Whopper, you might want to order a Whopper Jr meal, which is £ 2.99.

    You get a little less food as this is a junior meal BUT (and this is a big one, though). If you order two of these meals it will cost £ 5.98. That’s about 40p – 50p cheaper than the regular meal and you will end up with more food. Win.

    Or of course, if you are not as hungry as you thought you can stick to the £ 2.99 Jr meal and waste less food.

  • Get free pickles at Burger King

    Tongs in pickles and cucumbers

    Image Credit: darksoul72 – Shutterstock

    If you’re as much a pickle fan as we are, you’ll love this trick!

    Ever dream of having more than a pickle or two per burger? Your dreams may just come true – if you ask for extra pickles, the staff will usually add a few extra to your burger. And the best part about it? It’s completely free!

    And by the same token, if you hate pickles passionately (as many people do), you can also request that they be removed from your sandwich entirely.

  • Get 10% – 15% off your Burger King meal

    There’s nothing we love more here at Save the Student than saving money on groceries.

    We recommend looking out for discount codes at Just Eat – not only to save money on regular take-out, but also to help ease the pain of your next Burger King delivery.

    We’ve seen discounts between 10% and 15% that can save a few pounds off your afternoon snack. Check our student listings to see if any codes have been released recently.

  • Unlimited Burger King drinks for 99p

    Self-service drinks machine

    Photo credit: Antonello Marangi – Shutterstock

    If you’re looking for a drink and no food in the market, we’ve got a great little trick up our sleeve – order a small drink for 99 pence and get unlimited refills!

    With that in mind, there is no point in ordering a different size drink as you will end up paying more for it. This way you still get the same amount of fluids. You may only need to refill them a few times.

    However, you need to make sure that the Burger King Outlet you are visiting has a self-service drinks machine. Otherwise, this trick won’t work and you’ll have to make do with your tiny cup.

  • Burger King app vouchers

    A true Burger King classic, The Whopper is one of our favorite dishes – and we’ve found a way to get it cheaper than £ 6.49. That’s right: when you download the app, you’ll have access to some top-notch Burger King coupons …

    The Whopper costs just 1.99 € in the app. And if you add in small fries and a drink (99 pence each from the King Saver menu), you can have all of this for £ 3.97.

    The app also includes the occasional Chicken Royale meals for £ 3.99, Long Big King and Fries for £ 1.99, and 50p for regular fries. You need to keep an eye on the app for these coupons as they are changing however!

  • * Prices may vary in the UK. We used numbers that exactly correspond to Save the Student’s London location.


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