U.S. high school students will have free digital access to the New York Times through September 1, 2021.

A recent Times article described the virtues of personal responsibility for making positive changes in your life and the importance of having an “accountability buddy.”

The article explains:

Accountability works best when it comes from outside. You can create accountability by checking in with a friend every day to talk about healthy eating. You are more likely to work out if you have planned on going for a walk with a friend or planning to work out with a personal trainer. You can create public accountability by stating your intent on social media.

How well can you hold onto your big or small goals? Have you ever asked a friend or family member to help you stay on track? Who would you entrust such a task to? Do you think close scrutiny is helpful in achieving ambitious goals – or is the extra pressure hindering your chances of success?

Let us know in the comments and read the related article to find out more.

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