5. How did the friendship affect Eliana? What changes did your parents notice?

6th The adventure between the two neighbors has a “conspiracy” when Mrs. Paul’s wife Kenney knows that her family will move and leave the fairytale garden behind. To help Eliana cope, Ms. Kenney tells her in a letter:

“Sometimes we grow out of houses because we have too much love and need a place where we can hold everything. But it’s so much fun finding new trees and imagining what new adventures are in store for us! “

What do you think of Mrs. Kenney’s advice? Has anyone ever given you useful advice for a big life change, like moving house or starting a new school? Have you ever had someone in your life who boosted or boosted your confidence and imagination as Ms. Kenney did for Eliana?

7th How do you react to the article? Which moments, passages, pictures or tweets stand out? What does the story tell about our need for connection at any age, our need to give to others, and the importance of magical thinking – especially now?

Option 1: Share your opinions and experiences

  • What does friendship mean to you? How important are friends to you? How did friends help you cope with the coronavirus pandemic? Has the pandemic brought you closer to or separated you from your friends?

  • Who are your best friends? Are they the most similar to you in terms of age and background, or do you have friends who are vastly different from you?

  • Have you ever had an unlikely friendship? If so, how did you get to know each other and become friends? What difference has this relationship made in your life? How did you keep your friendship up over time? How is this friendship similar or different from that between Eliana and Mrs. Kenney? What do you think you can learn from being friends with someone who is different from you?

  • Did the article make you appreciate the value of friendship? If so, explain why.

Option 2: Contribute to Eliana’s fairytale garden

Imagine if you were Eliana’s neighbor: what would you add to the garden and why? How could you promote the adventures of Sapphire, Nova and Koodie (or maybe introduce new characters) and continue to inspire a 4 year old, her imagination and her wellbeing? How could you grow and benefit from the interaction?

Choose one of the following three options or come up with your own idea:

  • Write a letter to Eliana from Sapphire.

  • Create something for Eliana’s fairy tale garden.

  • Write and illustrate a new book in the Sapphire the Explorer series.

Do you need help with inventive stories and unforgettable characters, settings or adventures? Use our lesson, “Use These 18 Pictures To Inspire Your Own Short Story.”

Option 3: do something magical!

The original note attached to the tree about Eliana’s Fairy Tale Garden read:

“Our 4 year old girl did this to brighten your day. Please add to the magic but don’t take it away. These days can be difficult, but we’re in it together.”

Now it’s your turn to add a little magic to this world to brighten someone else’s day: create a fairy tale garden. Write a short story. Send a thank you letter.

Be creative. Be resourceful. Be inspired. It’s up to you – who are we to limit your magic?

You could start by thinking of someone who struggled to cope with during the pandemic: who is this person and what are their interests and passions? What was particularly challenging for him or her? How could you encourage, support, or inspire this person? Like Ms. Kenney, make use of your own experiences and whatever you think that person really needs.

If you’re having trouble finding something inspired and magical, consider doing one or more of the three tasks in Sapphire’s first note to Eliana:

  • Say five nice things to people you love.

  • Do three helpful things for someone in need.

  • Promise to always be kind, brave, and show love to those in need.

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