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A recent Times article featured Taylor Mali, a Brooklyn-based man, and his quest to remove every plastic bag from every tree in the city. Two years ago he began to tear down shabby plastic bags with the help of a yellow metal painter’s stick.

The article describes Mr. Mali’s ongoing ministry:

In his spare time, he continues his mission: clearing urban trees of rubbish. Although New York City banned some plastic bags, it still has a lot to do; He noted that some guys are still exempt and “there is no ban on Mylar balloons”.

One Sunday afternoon preparing to fight an enemy fluttering high in a London plane tree on Hicks Street, he quoted the philosopher Edmund Burke: “Nobody made a bigger mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. “

What do you think of Edmund Burke’s quote? Have you participated in a neighborhood cleanup, either organized by a large group or by yourself? How important is the role of individuals in protecting their city from rubbish? Do you volunteer in other ways to improve your community?

Let us know in the comments, then read the related article to learn more about Mr. Mali’s quixotic mission.

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