For many, interest in crime is limited to Netflix or real crime podcasts. For some with more passion, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a whole field devoted to this passion and it is called criminology. the scientific study of crime from a non-legal perspective – this includes its causes, corrections and prevention. Aspects from other disciplines such as anthropology, biology, psychology and psychiatry, economics, sociology and statistics are included. The study is a branch of Sociology and a Masters in Criminology traditionally examines human behavior, interaction and organization.

What do criminologists do? You try understand why some people commit crimes more or less frequently. They analyze differences in crime rates, in the criminal code between societies, as well as changes in crime rates and laws over time. They play the role of neutral public policy experts, either in the private or public sector, and gather facts for government officials or companies to draw policy conclusions.

While an undergraduate degree is the most popular option among students seeking entry-level career opportunities in the field, an MA or MS in criminology will improve a student’s understanding of the discipline. An MA is generally more socially oriented, while an MSc is more theoretical and research oriented. With this comprehensive understanding there are additional opportunities for advancement. It also serves as a stepping stone for postgraduate and doctoral studies in various fields such as law and forensics.

A Masters in Criminology is a qualification that has many advantages. Aside from a demand that will never fade, specializing in this field can be an incredibly worthwhile decision for those who are already involved in law enforcement, public order, or are currently considering joining these fields. According to US News, these are the best universities in the US for a Masters in Criminology:

University of Maryland

The university’s criminology and criminal justice department offers one Masters course This should give the student a solid foundation in criminology and criminal law research. The coursework includes criminological theory, the criminal justice system, research methods, and statistical methods. Students have to complete a master’s thesis, complete a project from formulating the problem to designing the research and drawing conclusions. This qualification enables graduates to take on research positions in government and private non-profit organizations or research institutes.

University of Albany, State University of New York

SUNY’s School of Criminal Justice offers one Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Program that prepares individuals for leadership roles in the criminal justice system. Here students get an advanced understanding of the system and criminology. students You have the option of pursuing a general course or of focusing your studies on the following areas: information technology; Causation, prevention and intervention of crime; Judicial systems; Problem solving and analysis. Whether aspiring students want to develop their roles in law enforcement or get involved in public order, this program can help them acquire the knowledge they need to have successful careers in areas such as police, law, crime analysis and research.

University of California, Irvine

The UCI’s Department of Criminology, Law and Society is online Master of Advanced Study in Criminology, Law and Society prepares professionals for leadership positions in criminal justice and legal professions. The curriculum focuses on the theoretical and practical application that is central to crime and its control, social policy and law.

Graduates are positioned for both professional advancement and further academic endeavors. The success of this program can be seen in its list of alumni who now have prominent positions in the FBI, Homeland Security, the DA office, police stations, crime departments, probation and probation agencies, court clerks, appeals and criminal law. Psychology, education and social work.

University of Cincinnati

The School of Criminal Justice of this high-level university offers a campus Master of Science in Criminal Justice Program to be completed in just one calendar year if studied full-time. The program deals with the study of crime and criminal justice from an interdisciplinary perspective and draws insights from sociology, law, public administration and criminal justice. Not only does the program provide students with advanced courses in the field, but it also focuses on developing analytical, administrative, managerial and research skills.

University of Arizona

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice MS in Criminology and Criminal Justice is a research course designed to provide students with a high level of theoretical and empirical knowledge about crime and criminal justice. T.Its program provides students with the advanced research skills necessary for careers as a criminal law researcher, leadership roles in criminal justice and related agencies and organizations. Graduates can also continue their education with a doctoral program.


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