College Scorecard is an interactive website that helps students find the right fit after high school. It provides students with access to data on college costs, potential debt, and post-graduate income based on areas of study (including certificate programs, 2-year degrees, 4-year degrees, and graduation programs) and institutional graduation rates. The college scorecard also provides a link to information about apprenticeships. If you’re trying to figure out the next step in your learning journey, the college scorecard is the place to start.

Today the US Department of Education released new updates to the College Scorecard, including a new tool to make it easier for users to find, compare, and contrast different areas of study. Whatever interests you, be it Agriculture, Computer Science, Nursing, Welding, etc, a certificate, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree, you can now use the tool to make side-by-side comparisons for areas of study across and within colleges and universities that interest you.

The College Scorecard is also pleased to announce the addition of new data on typical graduate income two years after graduation for individual areas of study. So far, only study results have been available after graduation. Each year as more and more data becomes available, the College Scorecard will continue to expand the data on earnings data into the future to help students get a better sense of earnings potential.

The college scorecard also provides information about typical student federal loan debt levels. Today’s new additions provide more information about the loan debt of students moving from one school to another. For example, students moving from community colleges to four-year institutions. Also, look for newly released data on the amount of federal debt parents take out to help their children pay for school. Taken together, these improvements provide a more complete picture of the typical number of students and families with federal debt that can be expected when deciding between programs and institutions.

The College Scorecard is being further enhanced as a free resource for prospective students to help them find the right college fit. For more information on these new features and a college search today, visit

Brian Fu

Office of the Chief Data Officer, OPEPD


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