The following three actions on November 3, 2020 have an impact on California’s public education system and young people:

  • Proposal 15 would increase taxes on commercial and industrial property and generate billions in new revenue for schools and community colleges, as well as for county and local governments. The initiative needs a simple majority to pass. Although it is too early to know the final result right now.
  • Proposition 16 would have enabled the state to take into account race, ethnicity and gender in admission to public colleges and universities of the state and in the recruitment and award of contracts by public authorities. The voters rejected this initiative.
  • Proposal 18 would have allowed 17-year-olds to vote in primary and special elections if they had turned 18 in the same year as the next general election. The voters rejected this initiative.

Scroll down to see the California Secretary of State’s final voting list for these voting actions. Please note that while the results below show that 100% of the counties have reported votes, an additional millions of additional postal, inbox and preliminary ballot papers have not yet been counted on November 4th after 8pm.

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