Tulane University School of Law is launching two additional online Masters degrees.

The programs focus on energy law and environmental law and complement the university’s existing online master’s degree in labor law and the 10 online certificate courses in Title IX. The new programs represent the latest chapter in the university’s work with Everspring – an online and hybrid education company – to “provide convenient, 100% online education to busy professionals whose responsibilities require enhanced legal expertise,” so the company.

For Joel Friedmann, professor and founder of the online portfolio of law programs at Tulane University Law School, Everspring is a unique opportunity to support students specifically seeking a Master of Jurisprudence degree.

“The combination of their learning design solutions to support course development and sophisticated marketing techniques to attract students has been critical to the growth of our programs,” Friedmann said in a statement. “It was a logical step to build on this track record in energy and environmental law.”

The courses themselves are aimed at “emerging professionals” in their fields who, according to the company, need “real legal education” to advance their careers and skills.

“With a rapidly growing number of laws at the national, state and local levels, these new MJs in energy and environmental law are helping professionals advance their careers in dynamic and challenging areas,” said Beth Hollenberg, President and Co-Founder of Everspring. said in the press release. “Our experienced team and in-house technology are creating a new connection between students and the best law professors in Tulane for an unparalleled educational experience.”

The addition of online programs at Tulane is creating a growing trend for universities to invest in online education. Even before the coronavirus pandemic forced traditional face-to-face learning into remote formats, more universities were exploring hybrid and flexible learning options for their students. For Everspring, the expansion of the work with Tulane is marked by a nationwide increase in Edtech interest.


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