Speaking of partnerships, Phalgun Kompalli, co-founder of upGrad said: “2020 was the year in which we grew by over 100% in terms of both national and international university partnerships. We introduced Global MBAs and made them one of the top-selling industries. With the most recent mergers, we have tripled our program portfolio to over 100 programs. The numbers will double in 2021. With an ideal mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning taught by university professors and industry experts; Our international programs aim to foster deep subject learning and produce strong results in terms of career transitions as well as strong research results in our Masters degrees, both in terms of PhD. Approvals and research publishing. “

The partnerships added over 75 online programs to upGrad’s existing portfolio, including the Design Thinking certification program with Duke CE, PG courses in cybersecurity, criminology, psychology with the University of Essex (online) and the Global Masters Certificate for Integrated Supply Chain Management, Global Master Certificate in Business Analytics and Global Professional Certificate in Effective Leadership & Management from Michigan State University, to name a few.

With the growing demand for transnational education in India, individuals are constantly looking for workable options that will provide them with both quality learning solutions and unwavering career support without having to worry about the physical / offline restrictions. The program structure of upGrad offers several industry-oriented projects, which in turn aim to prepare professionals / individuals for the New Age ecosystem of the workforce.

Arjun Mohan, CEO of upGrad, said: “Even before we strategically started our global expansion, our international programs attracted learners from over 50 countries around the world. We are focused on expanding and strengthening partnerships with top international universities and will see a great cast this year. These partnerships remove all geographical barriers, give millions of young Indians the opportunity to study online at their dream institutes, bring global learners to our platform and slowly and steadily make India the teaching capital of the world. “

upGrad recently released its third quarter results, the highest revenue ever in a quarter. A turnover rate of 2,500 billion rupees is targeted for fiscal year 22. With the new and future international partnerships, upGrad is confident of strengthening its position as the LifeLongLearning partner of choice for professionals seeking the best national and global education with career growth.


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