On January 9th, the Asian Civilizations Forum and the inauguration ceremony for the Institute of Asian Civilizations of Zhejiang University took place on Zijingang Campus. Scholars at home and abroad visited the forum online and offline, sharing their insights into constructing key theories and addressing pressing challenges related to Asian civilizations.

With the aim of developing “a new perspective for Asian civilizations”, the institute will work to develop a disciplinary system with six dimensions: recognition and variation of languages, transformation and preservation of cultural relics and historical sites, dissemination and regeneration of literature and Literature ancient records, understanding and dialogues of literary arts, inheritance and innovation of cultural concepts, and the merging and symbiosis of civilizations and thoughts.

“Exchange and mutual learning between civilizations are the passport for people to foster mutual trust and to move into the future. Top universities play an important role in promoting dialogue between civilizations. We expect to gather more wisdom through a series of forums and develop the institute into a world-class cultural platform and a strong magnet for talent to make positive contributions to the bright future of human civilization, “said Dr. REN Shaobo, Chairman of Zhejiang University Council, in his welcoming address.

“Asia has a brilliant history and is proud of great civilizations. I hope that the institute will achieve remarkable achievements, submit proposals to the ZJU and contribute the wisdom of the ZJU to the advancement of Asian civilizations, ”said GUO Huawei, secretary of the Zhejiang Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences Circles party membership group, in his congratulatory remarks.

“With a view to the future, we not only need science, technology and business as a driving force, but also culture as a guarantee,” said XU Jun, chief expert of the institute and senior professor of humanities, in an interview. “The multidisciplinary synergy of the humanities and social sciences will have a positive impact on exchanges and mutual learning between diverse civilizations in Asia.”

Le Clézio, a Nobel Laureate in Literature, and Prof. QIAN Chengdan, Dean of the Peking University Institute of Area Studies, delivered video messages.

GE Zhaoguang, senior professor at the Institute of History at Fudan University, WANG Zijin, dean of Mingde Academy at Renmin University, HAN Dongyu, vice president of Northeast Normal University, and CHENG Gong, vice dean of the Institute of Asian Civilizations at Zhejiang University , gave keynote speeches respectively.

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